Fine art by Gerry Hillman

An artist renowned for the depth and quality of his landscape painting

From an early age he was enchanted by colour and the magical effects of light. His boyhood was spent in fields and woods among the wild beauty of his native Cornwall, a landscape rich in romance.

Gerry had no formal training in fine art though he always enjoyed drawing and painting. At the age of 18 he discovered oils and in them found a medium which could capture the atmospheric landscapes he loved.

His academic studies were science based and in the first ten years of his career he worked variously as a medical writer, in planning consultancy for large scale recreation projects, and as a science teacher. In his student days he was offered money for his paintings and he continued to paint throughout those first ten years of his working life.

Since 1981 he has been a full-time artist with numerous successful one man shows.
In addition to original landscapes, Gerry now paints a broader range of subjects with more intimate and human interest.

Gerry lives high on the Cornish moors with his partner, Lois. Moorland ponies, cattle and sheep graze up to the garden walls under the calls of buzzards and ravens in the wide sky above. All around the ruined engine houses and smokestacks of the Victorian copper and tin mines are now mostly overgrown and reclaimed by Nature and here and there are signs of bronze age settlements and early mineral workings. From summer sun to winter snow, it’s a rich, wild landscape for finding inspiration.

His work is much sought after and is now available as high quality limited edition prints.

Gerry also undertakes private commissions for customers (prices depend upon the nature of the subject and the amount of research needed – please contact him for more information).