Eclipse Dance

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Eclipse Dance

Early Man saw that whatever moved and supported life in general depended on the radiance of the sun. It’s energy became identified with fire, passion and drive, but also illumination and, through seeing, the capacity to deduce and build logical ideas.

By contrast the other great heavenly body, the moon, had a monthly period as it waxed and waned. It came and went during the hours of darkness, of rest, of dreaming and a heightened sense of the imagination.

The darkness was conducive to inner reflection, when the importance of more deeply held feelings comes to the fore. The sun’s world of fiery action, sometimes impatient and destructive, was seen as having a masculine edge to its quality, whereas the moon and the inner world were more subtle and feminine.

Human personality depends on a balanced combination of both qualities as they dance in us taking turn and turn about.

On paper Image size 22″ x 24″ (560x610mm)
Mounted 28″x30″ (710x760mm)
Price £155 inc p&p(UK)

On canvas image size 28″x31″ (710x790mm)
Mounted on stretchers ready to frame
Price £230 inc p&p(UK)